Ozone therapy has been used since the 1970s by the medicine and beauty
If you suffer from AUTOIMMUNE chronic diseases or joint
inflammation, high dose Ozone therapy is a solution, that will
restore mobility and relieve joint pain. Also, the body toxins leave
tissues faster, oxidizes any deposits in the blood vessels, by cleanses them
and activate the immune system.
New studies shown!! Ozone therapy is the delivery of ozone into the body
in order to increase oxygen levels to help fight CANCER cells. Animal and
in vitro studies have shown promising signs that ozone therapy may help to
inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and may support other cancer therapies,
such as chemotherapy drugs.

❖ Immune- boosting effects ~stimulates lymphatic flow
❖ Antiseptic effects ~cleanse the skin and pores
❖ Skin- beautification effects ~tighten skin, promotes natural regeneration
❖ Beneficial effect on cellular metabolism
❖ Increases the supply of oxygen to the cells