Our technology with the ZERO GRAVITY, combined with infrared LED
lights helps to take pressure away from your joints and you can actually enjoy your workout without being in pain or feeling exhausted.
Infrared has many roles in the human body.
Each bike has 3 infrared LED lights with a total power of 900 Watts. Similar to infrared saunas, InfraSlimX has a detoxifying, cellulite reducing and skin regenerating, anti- inflammatory and immune- boosting effect. The heat is adjustable up to 131 Fahrenheit (55 Celsius). During infrared light therapy, the lymphatic and blood circulation speeds up, and blood vessels dilate, resulting to improve brain and immune function, increased physical stamina and performance.

❖ Pain relief
❖ Decrease muscle spams
❖ Encourage cell growth
❖ Boost immunity
❖ Lower side effects of diabetes
❖ Lowers blood pressure
❖ Improves circulation
❖ Weight loss ~ boost metabolism
❖ Detoxification ~ lymphatic drainage
❖ Skin purification
❖ Stress relief