The next generation of body shaping salon in St. Augustine

InfraSlimX takes the efficiency of physical exercise to the next level by implementing the latest technologies. Beside all of the healthy therapies it will help you to achieve your goals faster, keeping up in this fast-paced world.

Fat Burn

The oxygen generator will help produce the extra oxygen your body needs, which will make the cells more capable of being loaded and you can burn more calories than in any other fitness activities. Also, the Infrared light therapy boosts your metabolism.


Cellulite is caused by the buildup of fat underneath the skin.
InfraSlimX will stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers and by the built-in vacuum pump, creates low pressure, increasing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat prone areas.


Ozone will help restore mobility and relief joint pain. Infrared will protect the joint by warming them up and the zero gravity will take the pressure away from your joint. Also, Oxygen therapy will bring oxygen-rich plasma to tissue starved for oxygen. Mobilization of stem cells to area of injury accelerates recovery from sports related injuries, surgeries.


Infrared radiation to exert its effect deep in the skin where it creates a gentle vibration. As a result of the resonance and the resulting heat effect, the blood vessels, lymphatic and blood circulation accelerates. The body starts to gets rid of excess toxins. Ozone and Aromatherapy also have immune boosting effects on the body.


Create your own experience on a higher level. All age groups can find the most beneficial way to use our workout sessions.
This revolutionary technology will bring the best and quickest results ever.

Whether you want to

❖Lose weight and tone your body
❖Get rid of cellulite
❖Detox your body
❖Improve your blood circulation (cardiovascular benefits)
❖Boost your immune system
❖Spare your joint during exercise
❖Shortening your workout session, this will be more efficient than any other cardio
❖Improve your physical and mental health
❖Get back on track after an injury or surgery, is considered the best postpartum workout, to strength the muscle groups back of any areas.

There are no limits, no matter what is your fitness level is, InfraSlimX is for you!

The most effective body shaping machine on the market. You won’t get exhausted as with other cardio workouts and no need to worry about muscle soreness if you choose our oxygen therapy.


Vacuum Therapy

Collagen Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy


Oxygen Therapy


Clients and their testimonials

 “I have been going to InfraSlimX since December 2022. I absolutely love it. I try to go two days a week. It is a great way to burn around 850 calories in 30 minutes. I am down 20lbs since I started. Zsanett is great and so easy to work with! I highly recommend it. “


” I love my cycling sessions. I feel very energetic and the sweating is real lol. It is a different exercise and very effective to help with multiple goals! Thank you for supporting me on the way, see you next time. “


“I always look forward to getting my cardio in with InfraSlimX. I leave with more energy and not bloated feeling. It is a great addition to my gym workouts. I love that it’s low impact. I would suggest giving it a try. “


” Love the results! A healthy, safe, effective and efficient way to get results, cardio, post Physical Therapy strengthening and restoration, not to mention my weight loss goals! The method is state of the art, the modalaties offer a wide range of benefits. The staff is knowledgeable, discerning, wise, kind and very encouraging.I highly recommend from beginner to athlete, this is the place for health, healing and even training recovery. The time is now!! It will be a staple in my health care routine. “