The built-in oxygen generator produces 3 Liter of 90% pure oxygen per
minute. It increases the amount of oxygen inhaled from 20% to about 60%,
as the performance increases the body will need more oxygen. Our
oxygen generator will help produce that extra oxygen your body
needs, which will make the cells more capable of being loaded, and you can
burn more calories than in any other fitness activities.
This therapy will help wound healing by bringing oxygen-rich plasma to
tissue starved for oxygen. Mobilization of stem cells to area of injury
but perhaps, more significantly, it also accelerates recovery from sports- related injuries, surgeries, enabling athletes to get back on the field faster. Supplemented oxygen eliminates unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness, muscle cramps and soreness. In addition, extra oxygen has beneficial effects on the health of the vital organs, improves overall body condition.

❖Improve performance and increase energy level
❖Helps wound healing
❖Relief muscle cramps and soreness
❖Improve mood and concentration, relief headaches and migraines
❖Reduce stress and promotes a better sleep